I would like to thank those friends who took the time to review this site as it was developing and to provide me with guidance and advice. I have provided links to some of the responses as a part of the peer review part unfolds in the process we call teacher inquiry or scholarship.
Thank You.

    John Adsit
    Alex Babion
    John Barber
    Paul Becker
    Art Belliveau
    Marcia Carter
    Andy Carvin
    Glenn Greenway
    Dawn Hogue
    Del Hughes
    Galen Leonhardy
    Timothy Mooney
    Darlene Jones-Owens
    Nancy Patterson
    Gloria Pipkin
    Wendell Ricketts
    Carole Ronane
    Pat Schulze
    Mary Tigner-Rasanen
    Terri Washer
    Judy Williamson
Again, thanks, tednellen