CyberEnglish could never be a book simply because of its very cyber nature. Therefore this space shall be devoted to publishing CyberEnglish: the Web-Book online. It must be online to take advantage of hyperlinks, to put the learner in the environment, to make it more interactive, and to allow for constant growth. Books are fine for archiving but are getting pretty inefficient for instruction, especially Internet related instruction. Just as books replaced oral communications and manuscripts, the web is replacing books and print.

It will be free, too, as well as being healthier for the environment. However..

Anyone and everyone may use these pages as they wish in the promotion of scholarship in their classroom, home, place of study. The only ground rules are that you respect Ted Nellen's copyright on said work and that you use hyperlinks or correct referencing to this work when you do use it.

If anyone reading this has the slightest inclination to publish hir own chapter or case study about hir class or observations of my scholars, please submit this proposal to me at and we will discuss this matter. I would like to make this a public source for Cyber English teachers.

And finally, I do consulting.

Thank you and enjoy.


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