You need a webpage because you need one.

Also you need webpage to allow your scholars to have access to you when they need you. By posting "stuff" on a web page whe nit comes to you, means the scholars get it instantly too. You won't forget about it in class because the schoalrs access the webpage in class. I created ToDay's MeNu for just purpose. Cyber notes become the webpage.

Also you need a webpage to begin your own cybrary for your scholars. The cybrary is the resources of links you have harvewsted from the Internet for your scholars and others. It becomes an intregal part of your web page.

Also you need a webpage to support your syllaweb. As you grow the syllaweb, you will find tending it year after year very valuable as it matures with you. Also you need a webpage to link to your scholars' work.

Still think you don't need a webpage?