Hypertext Webfolios

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The scholars in the year of 98 created hypertexted webfolios. In the other years the scholars presented a more traditional linear, one page webfolio. The reason I am highlighting this class' webfolios is that they created true hypertext webfolios instead of the traditional linear, one page type. The advantage to the scholar is that s/he has a great deal of flexibility and creativity in presenting hir work. The crux of constructivism is that it is learner centered and the work is a product of aspecific learning style of that scholar. So it seems appropriate that the final product, the webfolio, too reflect that learning style. The results for each schoalr stunned me as i saw each of my scholars reach a level of self-satisfaction, awareness, and realization. In the scheme of things I would have to say these scholars achieve a level of proficency in communication on an academic and technological level not soon to be surpassed. They are the netizens of the brave new world..

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